Compassionate Counselor in Houston, TX

If you've been searching for a Houston, TX marriage counselor to trust with your marital issues, contact Christian Counselor George Thompson for a one-on-one meeting. After you've said your vows, and committed your life to another person in marriage, that's when the fun, and the work begin. As a devoted therapist for our clients in Houston, TX, we are here to assist you as you plot your way through life with another person. Issues and problems may arise, but as you go forward on the path of being a couple, we can counsel you along the way so that your relationship continues moving in a positive direction.

Our offices offer flexible hours so that we can see our Houston clients when they are available. We're dedicated to client satisfaction and try to let this be our guide in everything we do. From our family counseling to our work with relationships and divorce situations, we'll use our highly experienced services to counsel you and your family on your therapy needs. We offer Christian counseling based on Biblical principles for those who'd like this specialized approach.

When you want to hire a Houston, TX marriage counselor, call Christian Counselor George Thompson to set up a face-to-face appointment. We enjoy facilitating the happy relationships of our married clients in Houston, TX, and nothing makes us feel better than having our couples tell us their marriage is healthier and stronger because they have devoted some time to working through issues. That's why we're here. We can help through our caring, and therapeutic sessions. Contact us to arrange your next appointment, we'll be sure to quickly respond.